GRINS to...

Dr. Lorczak and Ana for your donation towards the teacher lunch at Oak Ridge Elementary on Wednesday. We so appreciate your support and the teachers love being treated to a wonderful lunch on early release days!

Capt. Jenna Daniels and Chief Johnson of Summerfield Fire Department for volunteering their time to teach Girl Scout Troop 12474 about personal safety. It was interactive and fun, plus the girls learned a lot. You are true community heroes!

The amazing middle and high school students who volunteer their time each week with our Oak Ridge Elementary Colts Chess Club. We love you Rochan, Stanton, ORMA cadets and Daniel!

Ashley Triplett for being the absolute best principal. Northern Guilford Middle is fortunate to have her. Her focus on keeping all students in a safe environment and providing an exceptional education is unwavering. We appreciate her so much.

Sadie's of Stokesdale for their generous donation of soaps to help Stokesdale Elementary's Kids Care Club stock the school's food pantry with personal care items!

Arbor Masters Tree Service for the outstanding, professional and affordable tree removal service you recently provided us with. You took our big oak tree down with ease and cleaned everything up nicely!

GRIPES to...

Those who are so against the ABC store in Stokesdale, and who equate liquor with sin. I'm a 70-year-old churchgoer who would rather spend my money in Stokesdale than out of town.

Summerfield Post Office. Normally I wouldn't resort to a public forum, but I'm not getting any results from our post office. Mail isn't delivered consistently or put in the correct mailbox. Is anyone else having the same challenges?

Editor's note: Unfortunately, we have received other gripes over the last several months (some we have published and others we have not) about mail being consistently mixed up, unprofessional attitudes of clerks (or a specific clerk) who work at the desk, and residents repeatedly not getting their Northwest Observer in the mail. I recently spoke with the postmaster at Summerfield Post Office, who has promised to check into these issues and take steps to resolve them. Please keep us posted (no pun intended), and let us know what kind of service you receive, whether positive or negative. By the way, I live in Summerfield and get excellent service from Donna, my postal carrier; I'm sure many of you have the same experience with your carriers, who are for the most part conscientious and hard-working. However, there are always exceptions, and by bringing these issues to the proper person's attention we can work toward a solution.

Those who complained about Stokesdale Parks & Recreation's basketball program. How about volunteering to help? Being a part of the solution is much more rewarding than being a part of the problem. I'm certain some accountability will change your attitude.

No one having a solution for recycling/trash cans blowing over and littering the neighborhood and neighboring farms in Stokesdale. The trash pick-up company advised they have no solution. Can we as residents do anything? This is unacceptable!

Stokesdale Town Council for using no property/sales tax as an excuse to not do what's right. You fired the deputy to save money; we see tons of growth, Town Hall is paid for and we have millions in the bank. C'mon!

The bicyclist on Pleasant Ridge Road on March 14, mid-afternoon. Don't ride between the thin double yellow lines. Your flashing light isn't going to help. Ride in the direction of traffic, as close to the road's edge as possible.

People who throw trash into ditches. The wind does blow the trash, therefore it goes into our yards.

Park users who don't clean up after their dogs. Poop is left everywhere throughout the park, even though clean-up bag stations are provided conveniently along the walkways. Be considerate and pick up after your dogs!

Stokesdale Town Council. How long are we going to let the police car sit at Town Hall and depreciate? Perhaps you want folks to think we still have our town deputy when in fact you decided we didn't need one.